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Printed Glass Worktop Saver
Schottisches Hochlandrind (Bos taurus) im Portrait vor dunklem Hintergrund
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Printed Saver 400mm x 300mm



Image License
Thickness 4mm Glass
Toughening Toughened Safety Glass
Edge Polishing Polished Edges, Radius Corners
Heat Resistant 220°C
Printing Digitally printed directly onto the glass using high quality UV cured ink
  •   Move the highlighted area over the image then use the green view button to preview your print output.
  •   The white border isn't printed to the glass. The whole of the white border is your selection.
  •   Image assets are print ready with minimum 300PPI
  •   If you use the zoom in your selection the print quality isn't affected.

Printed Worktop Saver

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Glass worktop savers

These gorgeous glass worktop savers will protect your surfaces and dining table whilst adding a pop of colour and your own unique style to your home.

They are as versatile and useful - and can be used all around the kitchen. They are ideal for preparing and chopping food, or for resting hot pans and utensils whilst cooking.

They are a great surface for setting down your pet food bowls, being so easy to clean.

You can bring them to the dining table, they make ideal placemats, trivets or even a stunning cheese board.

Made with toughened glass and anti slip rubber feet, these are super hygienic and very easy to clean.

A great choice for a gift,  they are eye catching and practical. So why not treat yourself (or someone else) today?