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Printed Glass Wall Art
Schottisches Hochlandrind (Bos taurus) im Portrait vor dunklem Hintergrund


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£280.00 ㎡
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Max Area 1600mm x 1200mm. Please contact us if you need larger dimensions.
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Estimated shipping day: Thursday, 05 October 2023

Thickness 4mm Glass
Toughening Toughened low iron
Edge Polishing Polished Edges
Printing Digitally printed directly onto the glass using high quality UV cured ink
Guarantee 10 year print guarantee
  •   Move the highlighted area over the image then use the green view button to preview your print output.
  •   The white border isn't printed to the glass. The whole of the white border is your selection.
  •   Image assets are print ready with minimum 300PPI
  •   If you use the zoom in your selection the print quality isn't affected.

High quality printed glass wall art.

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Product detail

These beautiful, made to measure 4mm Printed Glass Wall Arts make a fabulous addition to any room.

Produced in toughened glass, they are hygienic and easy to clean.

They can be hung on the wall with hanging plates or have holes cut into the glass and fix to the wall.


Image to Glass order in 4 easy steps!

1. Measure the area for your Glass

2. Use the search and select wall art to find an image

Tip: Entering Glass size in the search will save time browsing pictures in your size

3. Select the image area to print

Note: Images must be cropped to the glass dimensions to prevent unwanted artifacts in output.

4. Preview your Glass output

Tip: Use the preview to make sure you have the correct portion you want in the output